Lesebühne die Zweite – Trick or Treat am 31. Oktober

Bald ist es soweit  – unsere Lesebühne tritt wieder in Aktion!


Trick or Treat lautet das Thema diesmal – passend zum Datum. Und wir haben uns auch ein paar besondere tricks and treats einfallen lassen. –  Wie die geniale Boyband namens Porcelain Hip (feat. Doctor Mora), die das Anno mit ihren Stimmbändern und Porzellanhüften zum Rocken bringen wird („The boys’ angelic tenor singing punctuated by the wry beat of Dr’s poetry entices and titillates the ear“– Den gesamten Ankündigungstext gibt´s unten)

Weiters bei uns zu Gast: Markus Köhle, der geniale Poetry Slammer und- Moderator, mit einem Wort: der Papa des österreichischen Poetry Slams!

Und auch wir haben neue Texte (natürlich von Eva illustriert) und vielleicht sogar einen kurzen Überraschungsfilm.

Gebt euch das live und seid wieder mit dabei –  Am Sonntag, 31. Oktober um 20:00 (natürlich im Café Anno, natürlich bei freiem Eintritt.)


Porcelain Hip (feat. Doctor Mora)

In every millennium, events arise that shake the very cultural and social fabric of civilization. The last important events to take place were in the year 1010 when Song Zhun, of the Song Dynasty, after 39 years, completed an atlas of China, and the Old English epic poem, Beowulf, set in Scandinavia, was written. In April 2010, in Hungary, a boy band (and a girl doctor) were born from a group of Tenors in the Vienna Jewish Choir, a performance-pop-cabaret duo, and an almost full bottle of vodka.

They are four boys and one girl, three queens and two kings.  If four baby boys and one baby girl had been spliced together from the DNA of Klaus Nomi, the entire members of Take That, Diamanda Galas, and Janelle Monae; sent to live with a highly respected Jewish family in Poland, before being disowned; moving to London; and finally settling down in Vienna, this might give you an idea of their sound and philosophy:

Electronic-Performance-Trash-Cabaret in pornophonic symphonic surround sound …

It’s very stressful being over forty and in a boy band, and, because stress can lead to various psychological and physical ailments, the band have their own travelling human hospital, Doctor Mora, who administers medical care for the boys’ needs. Sometimes a little bit of pain can go a long way towards a happy and hurtful life.

The boys’ angelic tenor singing punctuated by the wry beat of Dr’s poetry entices and titillates the ear. The dancing has that “wow” (or X) factor; imagine that groups could actually play their own instruments and destroy their own covers without ever appearing in a talent contest – then you might just have an idea about what this group is really about. …


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